5 Best Dance Studios in Christchurch

Embarking on a journey of rhythm, expression, and artistry is made extraordinary with the presence of the 5 Best Dance Studios in Christchurch. Nestled in the heart of this vibrant city, these studios stand as pillars of creativity and movement, offering a haven for aspiring dancers and enthusiasts alike. With a commitment to excellence, a diverse array of dance styles, and a nurturing environment, these studios elevate the dance experience to unparalleled heights. From contemporary to classical, hip-hop to ballet, these studios weave a tapestry of skills and passion, providing a dynamic space for individuals to discover the magic of dance and unlock their true potential.

1. Convergence Dance Studios

Convergence Dance Studios

Convergence Dance Studios, nestled in the heart of Christchurch, is a haven for dance enthusiasts. Offering a diverse range of styles, from contemporary and hip-hop to ballet and more, the studio prides itself on nurturing dancers of all levels. With experienced instructors, state-of-the-art facilities, and a vibrant community, Convergence Dance Studios is dedicated to honing skills, fostering creativity, and igniting a passion for dance in every individual who walks through its doors.

Driving Location190 Montreal Street, Christchurch Central City, Christchurch 8011, New Zealand
Phone Number+64 27 563 7471
ClassesJunior’s 1.5-3, Shimmer 3-4, Sparkle & Shine 5-8, Dazzle & Diamond 9-12, Clarity & Crystal 13-18, Troupes 8-18, Junior Aspire 10-12, Aspire 13-15 and Adult Classes 18+.
ServicesAdult lessons, Choreography classes, Jazz, Private lessons, Adult Classes, Babies to Adults Classes, Ballet, Birthday Parties, Competition Troupes, Contemporary, Dance Lessons, Dance Troupes, Lyrical, Musical Theatre, Personal Classes, Tap and Venue Hire.
Areas ServedSelwyn District and Christchurch Central City.
HoursMonday to Friday : 8am–8pm | Saturday : 9am–5pm & Sunday : Closed

Customer Reviews :

“The variety of classes is amazing (you can try anything!) and the teachers will help you strive for excellence. Students are given loads of opportunities to perform and the end-of-year recital is out of this world, magical!”

—Isabelle Guitard

“Beautiful inspiring students, that are a joy to work with 🙂 The CDS team love teaching these dedicated young people who excel consistently. There is no greater place to sparkle!”

—Olivia Russell

2. Swarm Studios

Swarm Studios

Swarm Studios, nestled in the heart of Christchurch, is a creative haven dedicated to nurturing artistic expression. Offering a diverse range of classes, from dance and music to visual arts, the studio serves as a vibrant hub for individuals of all ages and skill levels. With experienced instructors, state-of-the-art facilities, and a strong sense of community, Swarm Studios fosters a dynamic environment where passion and creativity flourish, empowering each participant to explore their artistic potential and thrive in their chosen artistic journey.

Phone Number+64 21 298 4228
Driving Location25 Wilmer Street, Christchurch Central City, Christchurch 8011, New Zealand
ServicesAdult lessons, Choreography classes, Intermediate classes, Private lessons, Youth classes, Guitar Tutor, Hip Hop Classes, Kids Class, Teens Class, Tutor Training, Vocal Classes and Vocal Lessons.
HoursMonday to Thursday : 3:30–8:30pm | Friday, Saturday and Sunday : Closed

Customer Reviews :

“Our daughter, 14, has been dancing at SWARM studios Christchurch for three years now & loves it. She is in a crew with a fantastic tutor & lovely girls. She also assists with tutoring a junior crew. Everyone is friendly & like a big family. End of term shows (concerts) are always amazing with so much talent. Highly recommend.”

—Linda Radovancich

“I have never been to a studio with such happy, inspiring loving people the tutors are such amazing dances and have taught me not just to dance but how you really can have a family out of your blood family. If you want a safe,funny,powerful experience I definitely recommend swarm studios.”

—Chris Jansen

3. Brazilian Beatz Dance Academy

Brazilian Beatz Dance Academy

Brazilian Beatz Dance Academy is a dynamic hub in Christchurch, offering a vibrant blend of Brazilian dance styles and culture. With a focus on Samba, Axe, and other Brazilian rhythms, the academy invites individuals of all skill levels to experience the joy of movement and cultural immersion. Led by experienced instructors, classes cater to both beginners and advanced dancers, fostering a welcoming environment where passion for dance meets the richness of Brazilian traditions. Whether it’s a desire to learn, perform, or simply have fun, Brazilian Beatz Dance Academy offers an authentic and energetic space for dance enthusiasts to connect with the rhythm and spirit of Brazil.

Driving Location48 Hereford Street, Christchurch Central City, Christchurch 8013, New Zealand
ServicesAdvanced classes, Choreography classes, Intermediate classes, Private lessons, Youth classes, Advanced Class, After School Program, Bachata Class, Brazilian Zouk Class, Dance Classes, Hens Dance Classes, Latin Dance Classes, Online Classes, Salsa Class, Venue Hire, Wedding Dance and Zouk Class.
HoursMonday to Thursday : 6:30–9:40pm | Friday, Saturday and Sunday : Closed

Customer Reviews :

Amazing dance school, the teachers are so passionate and friendly. Everyone is always welcome and they ensure you always feel comfortable and help make sure you always keep up. Highly recommended this school to anyone wanting to learn to dance Brazilian styles.”

—Amy Harwood

“Amazing place to learn dance! Doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or have some experience, the teachers are so friendly and helpful and the classes are fantastic – highly recommend!”

—Melissa Kiesanowski

4. Sara Anderson School Of Dance

Sara Anderson School Of Dance

The Sara Anderson School of Dance, located in Christchurch, stands as a beacon of artistic excellence and passion. With a wide array of dance genres, from ballet and contemporary to jazz and hip-hop, the school offers a holistic dance education for students of all ages. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, dancers embark on a journey of technique, creativity, and self-expression. The school’s nurturing environment and commitment to individual growth make it a cherished destination for aspiring dancers, allowing them to refine their skills, build confidence, and cultivate a lifelong love for the art of dance.

Phone Number+64 21 891 162
Driving Location62 Orbell Street, Sydenham, Christchurch 8023, New Zealand
ServicesAdvanced classes, Beginner’s classes, Intermediate classes, Private lessons, Youth classes, Adult Ballet, Adult Dance Classes, Advanced Classes, Ballet Classes, Ballet Lessons, Classical Ballet, Contemporary, Contemporary Dance Classes, Dance Studios, Holiday Programme, Jazz Dance Classes, Musical Theatre, Pre Primary, Preschool Dance Classes, Preschool ballet classes and Tap Dance.
HoursMonday and Wednesday : 9:30am–7pm | Tuesday and Thursday : 3:30–7:30pm | Friday : 3–7:30pm | Saturday : 9:30am–2:30pm & Sunday : Closed

Customer Reviews :

“Our children love their experience going to their dance explorers classes with Sara Anderson. She has an impressive way to encourage all of the children to listen and follow along, even if trying something new. We were so delighted to watch our girls perform in the end of term show with such confidence and joy they had in being part of it. Highly recommend!”

—Lauren Chatterton

“My daughter has been dancing with Miss Sara for three years and loves every class. The studio blends a focus on strong technical skills with fun and enjoyment to create a lovely class environment. Highly recommend.”

—Eliza Turnbull

5. Latin Fire Dance Studio

Latin Fire Dance Studio

The Latin Fire Dance Studio, situated in Christchurch, ignites a passion for Latin dance and culture. Offering a rich blend of salsa, bachata, and other Latin styles, the studio welcomes individuals of all levels to immerse themselves in the rhythms and movements that embody the spirit of Latin America. With expert instructors, the studio provides a supportive and energetic environment where students can develop their dance skills, build connections, and experience the joy of dance. From beginners to experienced dancers, the Latin Fire Dance Studio serves as a dynamic hub for those seeking to infuse their lives with the heat and vibrancy of Latin dance.

Phone Number+64 27 222 6900
Driving Location282 Durham Street North, City Centre, Christchurch 8011, New Zealand
ServicesAdult lessons, Beginner’s classes, Choreography classes, Adult Classes, Bachata Course, Bachata Dance Classes, Beginner’s Course, Beginners Classes, Contemporary Class, Contemporary Dance, Hip Hop Dance Classes, Jazz Dance Classes, Kids Dance Classes, Latin Dance Classes, Salsa Class, Salsa Course, Salsa Lessons, Social Dancing and Wedding Dance.
HoursMonday and Thursday : 3:30–9:30pm | Tuesday : 4–9:30pm | Wednesday : 3:30–6pm | Friday : 3:30–7pm | Saturday and Sunday : Closed

Customer Reviews :

“Latin Fire is a very welcoming, friendly and community oriented dance studio. The lessons are always fun and judgement free. The instructors are both excellent dancers and excellent teachers. If you are thinking about giving dance a go, I would 100% recommend Latin Fire… The first lesson is even free.”

—Alex Galbraith

“I love Latin Fire. Thank you for being so supportive and caring. I have loved seeing my confidence grow whilst learning so many amazing routines and performing them. I cannot thank the whole Latin Fire family enough.”

—Kathryn Wright

Conclusion :

In conclusion, the tapestry of dance in Christchurch is intricately woven by the presence of the 5 Best Dance Studios. These exceptional establishments not only impart dance skills but also nurture a deep appreciation for the art form. With a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, they offer a diverse range of dance styles that cater to the diverse aspirations of individuals. Through the guidance of dedicated instructors and the camaraderie of fellow dancers, these studios provide a sanctuary where passion and creativity intertwine. As pillars of excellence in the dance community, the 5 Best Dance Studios in Christchurch inspire and elevate, sculpting dreams and crafting stories through every graceful movement and rhythmic expression.

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