The 5 Best Steakhouses in Christchurch

Indulge in a sizzling culinary journey at the 5 best steakhouses in Christchurch. From tender cuts to mouthwatering flavors, these top-notch restaurants are a haven for steak enthusiasts. Each steakhouse boasts a unique ambiance and menu that cater to discerning taste buds. Whether you prefer a classic sirloin or a succulent ribeye, these dining establishments deliver impeccable dishes prepared to perfection. With an array of sides and delectable sauces, your steak experience is elevated to an unforgettable dining affair. Embark on a gastronomic adventure and treat yourself to the finest steakhouses Christchurch has to offer for an exquisite dining experience like no other.

1. Jaba Grill and Bar

Jaba Grill and Bar
( Source : Jaba Grill and Bar )

Jaba Grill and Bar is an upmarket steakhouse in Christchurch CBD, renowned for its unique char-grilled flavor experience from the Kopa Charcoal Oven. Indulge in the finest local Canterbury produce, expertly prepared to perfection. The restaurant offers a warm and sophisticated ambiance, serving succulent steaks, mouthwatering seafood, and delectable appetizers. With meticulous care put into every dish, diners are treated to a memorable culinary journey. The attentive staff and carefully curated beverage selection further elevate the overall dining experience, making Jaba Grill and Bar a must-visit destination for discerning palates in Christchurch.

Phone Number+64 3 925 9856
Driving Location2/150 Lichfield Street, Christchurch Central City, Christchurch 8011, New Zealand
HoursMonday : Closed | Tuesday to Saturday : 5:30–10 pm & Sunday : 5:30–9:30 pm

Customer Reviews :

Explore the compelling reasons why customers delightfully label it as one of the Best Steakhouses in Christchurch :

” Service was excellent. Tomahawk steak was soooooo good (have to preorder $80 / 800 grams). All steaks comes with bone marrow – fatty goodness. The salmon entree was pretty good too. Unique taste to it. Honestly winter is pretty sad here so this really made me happy! “

—Venessa Goh

What an amazing restaurant neatly tucked away! The food was amazing paired with such beautiful service. I would definitely would dine there again. I had the short rib with duck fat potatoes. So delicious and thanks for having us! It was so easy to give the restaurant 5 stars ⭐️. “

—Manly Boutkaska

2. Bessie

( Source : Jakub Zeman_ )

Bessie is a culinary gem in Christchurch, offering a delightful dining experience that highlights locally sourced, high-quality ingredients. With a passion for flavors and creativity, the restaurant serves up a mouthwatering selection of dishes, from succulent steaks and fresh seafood to inventive vegetarian options. The warm and inviting ambiance complements the exceptional food, making every visit to Bessie a memorable one. Whether you’re a meat lover or a vegetarian, Bessie promises to tantalize your taste buds with its delectable offerings and impeccable service. It’s a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts seeking a remarkable culinary journey in Christchurch.

Phone Number+64 3 595 2799
Driving LocationLevel 1/178 Saint Asaph Street, Christchurch Central City, Christchurch 8011, New Zealand
HoursMonday to Thursday and Sunday : 6–9:30 pm | Friday and Saturday : 5:30–10 pm

Customer Reviews :

If you want a good steak in Christchurch, it is the place to go. They have a few options of aged steak. We ordered the tomahawk, it is pretty good. For dessert, all of us think the Chocolate Marquise is the best.

—Karen Chung

Extremely enjoyable dinner. The 37 day dry-aged ribeye on the bone (500g) and the lamb tenderloin on the bone (400g) were excellent, with the lamb being a particular stand-out. The addition of bone marrow adds a creamy dimension to the meats. The sides of the duck fat potato croquettes and the salad were also tasty. Service was good as well.

—Isobel Tan

3. Bloody Mary’s

Bloody Mary's
( Source : )

Bloody Mary’s is a prominent steakhouse and bar in Christchurch, renowned for its top-quality steaks and impressive menu. Set in a stylish ambiance, the restaurant offers a memorable dining experience with its delectable dishes and premium cocktails. The swanky setting features a terrace and private rooms, making it an ideal venue for special occasions. Guests can relish the finest cuts of meat, expertly grilled to perfection, while enjoying attentive service and a sophisticated atmosphere. Bloody Mary’s is a must-visit destination for steak enthusiasts and those seeking a high-end culinary journey in Christchurch.

Phone Number+64 3 943 5937
Driving Location30 Latimer Square, Christchurch Central City, Christchurch 8011, New Zealand
HoursMonday to Friday : 6 am–10 pm | Saturday and Sunday : 7 am–10 pm

Customer Reviews :

Thoroughly enjoyed our evening dinner, fantastic service and amazing food. Would definitely go back.”

—Leeanne Foote

Thoroughly enjoyed our meals, as it was my birthday dinner. Staff were very helpful and friendly, meals were delicious and so was my free Monteiths beer🍺. Love the atmosphere and energy. Would definitely come back.


4. Carlton Bar & Steakhouse

Carlton Bar & Steakhouse
( Source : DANNY )

Carlton Bar & Steakhouse is a vibrant and modern establishment in Christchurch, offering an eclectic dining experience with a focus on meat-centric fare. The restaurant boasts a diverse menu featuring premium steaks, delectable charcuterie, and mouthwatering wings. Guests can savor the finest cuts of meat, expertly prepared and cooked to perfection. With its contemporary ambiance and attentive service, Carlton Bar & Steakhouse provides a memorable culinary journey for steak enthusiasts and food lovers alike. Whether for a casual gathering or a special occasion, this restaurant promises a delightful blend of flavors and a lively dining atmosphere.
Phone Number+64 3 355 9543
Driving Location1 Papanui Road, Merivale, Christchurch 8014, New Zealand
Service optionsDine-in and No delivery.
HoursMonday and Tuesday : 3 pm–12 am | Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday : 12 pm–12 am | Friday and Saturday : 12 pm–1 am

Customer Reviews :

The food did not disappointed me and my guests. They enjoyed it so much and exclaimed that it’s like “on top of the world”. There’s a little bit of wait if you are not in a hurry. Excellent service too. Once again, a very pleasurable place to have a nice steak.

—CF Sutrisno

If you visit Chch this place is a wonderful venue to visit… we went on quiz nite.. bloody funny night… 😁.. P.S. we sucked but had so much fun.

—Peter Burney

5. El Quincho – Argentine BBQ

El Quincho - Argentine BBQ
( Source : Jonathan )

El Quincho is a captivating Argentine BBQ restaurant in Christchurch, offering an authentic South American dining experience. With a warm and inviting ambiance, guests can indulge in the rich flavors of traditional Argentine cuisine. The highlight of the menu is the mouthwatering BBQ, featuring succulent cuts of meat grilled to perfection, accompanied by flavorful chimichurri sauce. From tender steaks to sizzling sausages, each dish is a celebration of Argentina’s culinary heritage. The restaurant’s commitment to using quality ingredients and expert grilling techniques ensures a memorable gastronomic journey for diners seeking a taste of Argentina in the heart of Christchurch.

Phone Number+64 27 289 1487
Driving Location96 Oxford Terrace, CBD, Christchurch 8011, New Zealand
Reservations and Order
HoursMonday to Thursday and Sunday : 11 am–9 pm | Friday and Saturday : 11 am–10 pm

Customer Reviews :

This Argentinian grill restaurant is excellent. You must have the Rib Eye steak (medium rare). Perfectly cooked, juicy and tender. Highly recommended, definitely rates a “Must Come Back” from me.

—Cecilia Y

One of the best Argentine BBQ and we have tried many. Recommend the platter to experience a selection of their finest offerings, don’t forget to add the beef rib. Amazing hospitality and service. Hope to get in one last time before we head back to Auckland. Thank you El Quincho!

—Roimata Tangimai

Conclusion :

In the culinary paradise of Christchurch, the quest for the perfect steak is an adventure worth embarking on. The 5 Best Steakhouses in Christchurch offer a tantalizing symphony of flavors that will delight the discerning carnivores. From upmarket establishments with charcoal ovens, creating a unique char-grilled experience, to eclectic modern bars with premium cuts and charcuterie, each venue presents a distinct and unforgettable journey for steak enthusiasts. With a dedication to quality, ambiance, and attentive service, these steakhouses elevate dining to an art form, leaving patrons savoring every juicy bite. Prepare to indulge in the finest cuts, prepared with precision and passion, as you explore the very best of Christchurch’s culinary landscape.

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